David's artwork revolves around the idea of integration merging various styles and mediums into one composition in order to create extraordinary depth and a unified, harmonious type of artwork. Being a ceramic major has lent itself to his paintings by giving them a sculptural feel even incorporating at times dimensional elements into the work. 

He was a feature artist at the McNay Museum of Art for their 60th anniversary show. David was one of six, each of who was giving a full gallery space in the contemporary wing. 
The artwork has been shown at many other venues throughout the San Antonio gallery scene from Blue Star to Parchman Stremmel, Aviart to Anarte, and many many more. 

Pieces have been collected by Arizona State University, UTSA and several major private collectors. 

His artwork is published in several Art textbooks such as “Criticizing Art” by: Terry Barrett, “Triumph of our Communities: 4 Decades of Mexican American Art” by: the Chicano Press / ASU, “Chicano Art for Our Millennium” by: the Chicano Press / ASU, and others.

"The coupling of styles from meticulous detail to freewheeling spontaneity typifies the notion of how we are a reflection of one another and can coexist in the same realm."
                                   -David A. Garcia