Freddy Camargo: 
Camargo states, “Through my art, I am able to deconstruct and disassemble that which I do not understand. Through the process of a portrait painting of a flower, capturing a still image, or executing an idea through a muse, I am able to express emotions that I may not otherwise.”

Freddy Camargo is a mixed media photographer based in San Antonio, Tx. His modest and inspiring live-work studio is located in the beautiful Monte Vista area of San Antonio. His mediums are photography with a mix of illustration, and watercolors with acrylics. High school is where he learn more on the foundation of commercial art. Recently, he rediscovered Illustration through Vector Art, and it appears in his collages. He is self-taught in photography and feels that he learns something new every day when he picks up a pencil or a camera. While Freddy pursues his full time career in supply management, art is his passion.