Artist Statement: 

    “After experimenting with abstract, I gladly returned to the human figure. But my paintings do not simply represent the physical form; they also embody the spiritual teachings that life ‘tries’ to teach me. Some days I am more pliable and the lessons require only a tap on the shoulder. However, other days, I need a good thump on the head, or more. Each of my series is a journal of the lessons I am learning, or unlearning, at the time.
    My work has always embodied the female spirit. I suppose it is because this is what I know best. In each piece the form evolves innately, exposing the composite of a woman who can be courageous and fragile at the same time. Every painting is an expression of “the third language”, as my father used to say. It is what is deep within me, created by experiences. Some that I cannot remember but they are there just the same. Some that are too painful to remember, but have made me who I am. And some that are too beautiful to forget. So with each piece I begin by laying color, and texture, and emotion, and more color, more texture, more emotion, until I see a moment in my life unfold on the canvas. And my hope is that my story will speak to someone else's story."

Gallery Statement:

    Laura Mijangos was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She studied stone sculpture at Trinity University under Philip Evett and graduated in 1979. She also studied painting under her father, Alberto Mijangos.