Maricela Sanchez is an emerging talent with a fresh take on art and life. Her paintings, prints, sculptures and collage work are held together by a solid sense of design and installation with curious balance of sass and sophistication.

Sanchez’s abstract artwork centers on organic, ambiguous forms built of layers of found materials and applied colors. Her work speaks to the complex relationship that we have with nature and to each other. Her work instantly commands your attention with her dazzling and symbolic palette, influenced by the artist’s coastal living. Sanchez plunders a rich cultural trove of environmental imagery, advertisements, news articles and found items which she incorporates surreptitiously into her work. Sanchez uses her own individual shapes for her ground, with some being wildly amorphous, like a glistening Rorschach test. Thematically Sanchez examines the universal concerns of identity, nature, and major life events. With an elegant, deceptive simplicity, her art acts as a metaphor for examining ourselves and the world around us.

Fascinations, Sanchez’ new work, is indicative of her childhood visual and cerebral stimulations and memoirs, where daydreaming was an everyday part of her life. Sanchez started work early-on as a babysitter spending hours creating shapes and images from those surroundings while the children were at play. Decorative visuals, such as Damask wallpapers and coverings to the religious aesthetics at church, were stimuli for her creative appreciation of their texture and color. These images have had a profound effect in her creativity, as she shows she’s able to grasp shape and vision on multiple mediums (paintings, monotype prints, sculpture and installation) working in multiple collaborations.
Marciela Sanchez