Reagan is one of the leading Texas undergraduate artists that emerged in the wake of a feminist and social revolution during the contemporary 21st century. 

Born in Texas, raised in Houston and presently living in Houston, TX.Graduated from Episcopal High School May 2012 and The University of Texas at Austin May 2016.

In addition to receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin, Reagan also studied under the influence of a wide variety of art instructors in a series of studio classes. Her variety of educational opportunities have allowed Reagan to refine her visual and conceptual subject matter through studying American pop culture with an intense focus on women’s current place in society.

Expressed most commonly through the mediums of painting and photography, Reagan’s work embodies the connotations of feminism and womanhood in a playfully intriguing way. 

The Glassell School of Art
Houston School of Art & Design 
Art League Houston 
The University of Paris Sorbonne 
The University of Texas at Austin

My art is a reflection of the material realities found in everyday life, seen through a feministic lens during a time of revolutionary social reform. Functioning in an oversaturated social media world, I am consistently consumed by a host of visual pleasures pertaining to the American way of life. My daily consumption and observation of imagery produced through mass media, results in my art expressing concepts related to popular culture in the unique way that these images are reproduced in my imagination. Within my work, I create beauty and fascination through a combination of figurative portraiture, mundane matter, color, simplicity and abstraction. The goal is that my viewers are able to aesthetically appreciate my work at first glance, but also draw in connections from the world around us to the content present throughout my pieces. 

My mediums of choice are oil paints, acrylics, and the occasional incorporation of metallics. The use of high gloss and matte varnishes also make appearances within my body of work. Executing my work on large-scale canvases provides the viewer with a truthful and all-encompassing experience to the work they are observing. In a society where it is increasingly difficult to accept anything at face value, the size of the canvases allows for details one might overlook to become brutally honest. Additionally, the durable quality of canvas allows for a versatile range of paint application, exuding a level of sophistication to my work. 

My satisfaction comes during the final stages of a painting, when I have created something that did not exist before, bringing it into its newly physical state of being. At its core, my work seeks to tastefully expose the unique social and cultural characteristics of a transformative America.
                                        -Reagan Corbett