A native of Texas, Russell Stephenson studied sculpture, printmaking, and painting throughout school. This hybrid mixture of technique, and insight into each medium flows through his work in all its variations. The work is a unique blend of mediums and processes that are both classically informed, and executed utilizing contemporary methods.

"My work is created with loosely rendered and intuitively controlled marks, which simulate infinite illusionary environments. These environments are based on personal experiences, internal places, and translating sound into visual occurrences. I consider these works to be imaginary landscapes, occurrences, and atmospheres that are both created out of expressionism, while conversely leaning more towards systematic formulation. My work is concerned with texture and perception as well as surface and color. Overriding themes in my work involve optical saturation, the enigmatic sublime, and meditations on transcendence.

As a record of collective experiences, the marks and movements are at once fueled by automatism, and intuitionism. My works serve as a living journal, and transcendental artifacts. My range of materials grows with necessity, and accessibility. Working through several techniques and approaches to composition, I can explore multi-dimensional aspects of perception, interaction, and translations the work evokes."