Mother, lover, professional, politician, teacher, bride, widow, queen and maid…All glorified and unified by their gender. Women are nurturing and powerful in the eyes of Sandra Mack-Valencia. Like most artists, Mack-Valencia's works are influenced by her personal history. Sandra was raised in Medellin, Colombia in an environment where female authority is respected, and where women are considered the core of the family and society. 

  Through “Ordinary Queens” the artist makes a bold statement where everyday women are elevated to royal status to highlight the driving force of their presence in the world. Sandra’s women are often depicted in extravagant costumes of royal lineage and fantastical dresses that are both heavy and powerful. These investitures transfer a feeling of strength to the female characters who wear them, and also give the artist the possibility of losing herself in endless patterns and whimsical designs that meet her aesthetic needs. Mack-Valencia uses beauty as a bait to engage the viewers, and then lure them into a further reading of the work, which is filled with twists and edgy clues.

    Mack-Valencia's Ordinary Queens not only bring aesthetic pleasure, but they offer a means for critical engagement. In the end, this body of work allows the artist to meet one of her main purposes: To offer visual bridges to bring us together.

    Sandra Mack-Valencia’s work has been exhibited in museums, galleries and institutions in Colombia, Japan, Paris, and the United States. She is a recipient of the Nathalie Angles Award, the Sommerville Arts Prize, and was nominated for the Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters and Sculptors Grant. Her work was selected as part of the (S) Files Biennial at El Museo del Barrio in New York. Sandra was chosen as one of the Outstanding Antioqueños in the World, and her art practice was featured in a documentary that aired at her native city.