Seth Camm was named Artist of the Year in 2014 by San Antonio Art League Museum American Artist. He earned his certificate in fine arts at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, the oldest academy of fine arts in the United States. 

The Pennsylvania Academy, known respectfully as PAFA, has been home to many of the greatest names in American Art, including Cecilia Beaux, Mary Cassatt, Maxfield Parrish, Charles Sheeler, John Sloan, Charles Demuth, Arthur B. Carles, architect Louis I. Kahn, James Brantley, The Cool School, and filmmaker David Lynch.

After completing his study of the traditional masters at PAFA, Camm worked and studied with renowned modern masters Nelson Shanks at Studio Incammanati and Odd Nerdrum at his private studio in Oslo, Norway.

Camm has had several one man shows and won numerous awards and prizes for his art work, including: 

Artist of the Year 2014 voted by the San Antonio Art League and Museum  

- The Bartrum Gardens Best Landscape Award  

- The Jimmy C. Lueders Painting Prize

- The Charles J. Frith, Jr. Landscape Purchase Award

- The Historic Yellow Springs Prize

- The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Fellowship Best of Show Award  

- The Samuel David Memorial Prize for Cast Drawing

- The Marie Donaldson Watercolor Prize

- Thomas Eakins Memorial Prize