Yvette Shadrock is a Texas based artist who is best known work focuses on nature and the relationships between human beings and their spiritual/physical connection to the natural world. Working in oils, Shadrock’s paintings evoke a sense of mystery and mysticism that speak of the interconnections between all things. Rather than the typical landscape, her paintings depict nature up close and intensely observed, a moment frozen in time and rendered with exacting detail. Her works are typically large scale and saturated in color. Water is a recurring theme, painted with light and movement and full of energy. Born in San Antonio in 1975, Shadrock grew up on a cattle ranch just southwest of the city. Growing up close to nature would instill in her a passion for the outdoors and the wonders of the natural world that would be her lifelong muse.
 Artist Statement:

          "For me, the creative process is a sacred experience, a meditation whose source lies in Nature. I do not seek to make paintings that are truly representational, but rather to capture something unique that has been translated through the filter of my being. I find infinite inspiration in Nature, the source through which the divine speaks, though more in poetry than prose. It does not yield up its secrets too easily. Rather, it invites me to delve deeper and perhaps discover something of my own nature. There is always mystery, things seen and unseen. The river reflects the sky and its glare conceals what is hidden below. Flowers straining for the sun hide their roots in the dark and silent earth. The hidden heart of the oak chronicles the long years in its code of rings. Everywhere, woven into the fabric of all things, energies are humming. Atoms are singing. All things are connected. I look back on a finished painting as a chronicle of a journey composed of countless little moments, each a path revealed and explored, flowing from the subconscious, the truest, most authentic self, whose origins are shrouded in mystery."