Artists Statement:

    My disposition has been irrevocably stamped by my experience as a
first generation American, millennial and my role as a mother. Gender
roles, contradictions and the current political and social climate have
helped mold the realm of my consciousness and left me with a
pervasive sense of dislocation and reconciliation.

In my paintings, I attempt to assimilate and explore the varying
relationships between the tasteful and the profane, reality and
absurdity, and the local and the foreign. I do this by juxtaposing well
rendered images with impulsive marks, and sculptural elements.
Like Cisco Jimenez and Nicole Eisenmann, I enjoy using a bit of acid
humor when referring to people’s collective imaginary.

I devise glaring inconsistencies by creating tension between the
subject matter and color palette, employing anachronistic imagery and
placing popular regional imagery out of context. I do this to give
images an opportunity to escape their stereotypes, preconceived roles
or emphasize their roles to the point of absurdity. I gravitate towards
images that are exaggerations of the things I think define me and my

My work is not about identity nor is it an exploration of my inner self. My work is about perspectives and experiences. I am attempting to create new ways of thinking and create new associations to challenge the viewer’s perspective and assumptions while searching for new icons to represent those of us who feel we are displaced or
somewhere in between.