Dan Borris is a photographer, widely recognized for his portraiture. His images have appeared in Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and Smithsonian among many others. His commercial clients have included The Gap, American Express, Sony and Atlantic Records. His work has been honored by Communication Arts, American Photography, and The Art Directors Club of New York.

Borris’s genius lies in capturing an intriguing minimalist beauty in his surroundings. At first glance, his photographs show a beautiful landscape or portrait. They are absorbing and serene. Yet, upon closer observation, there is an intellectual and/or quirky element to his compositions 
This show is a selection of photographic works from four series; Las Canchas - Ball Courts of Mexico, Los Charros y Los Mariachis, In Situ and Spice. In the Las Canchas series, the soccer goals serve as beacons of the ancient tradition of soccer. These contemporary fields reverberated with the poetic spirit, soul and heritage of Mexico’s indigenous ancestry, standing as silent repositories of tradition, culture and memory.
Los Mariachis y Los Charros was shot in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, the birthplace of Mariachi. This work isn’t strictly speaking an effort to document Mariachi and Charro culture. Through the process of making formal portraits and capturing details of clothing and instruments, I was rather looking to get a feeling of the soul and poetry of this Mexican art and tradition.
In Situ is an exploration of the world of object and environment, placement and context. Whether set by nature or by human hand, things occupy their own particular place.
Spice is a series of images created using seeds, herbs and ground spices. Inspired by the markets of Morroco and Mexico, these images explore the use of ground spice as powdered pigment. These abstract constructions show the connection between man and nature.

Recent Exhibitions:

2010 Fantasmagorical Minimalism, collaborative work with Bettie Ward
Koelsch Gallery, Houston Fotofest

2008 In Situ Gallery Nord, San Antonio TX

2008 Artists looking at Art Series, McNay Museum, San Antonio,TX

2006 Las Canchas: Juego de Pelota / Ball Courts of Mexico
Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, San Antonio, TX 

2006 Los Mariachis y Los Charros, Instituto Cultural de México, San Antonio TX

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