Heather states, “I paint civilized beasts. I paint elephants who love pastries. Creatures who collect china. Animals who arrange flowers. In my still-life style, I create a snapshot of the personality and mood of the creature, as I would like to see it. In the end, it’s all about beauty.”

Heather's style is the culmination of her experiences and influences in urban and rural settings. She often paints with interiors in mind and has been especially influenced by vintage and modern graphic and textile design. Heather paints many subjects, but her popular animal portraits might be considered “anthropomorphic realism,” in which animals of all varieties pose with flowers or objects and are foregrounded on damask style backgrounds. 

After a decade of living and working in Chicago and Africa, Heather and her family now reside in San Antonio. She works from her home studio and has regular gallery and café shows, each of which present new projects and ideas. In addition to being featured on the PBS program ARTS and HGTV, Heather has a permanent collection hanging at the new children’s museum here in San Antonio.